Premiere: Mil Espinas – Reka & /Beyond/ (Urban Legend Records)

Urban Legend Records presents: Astalar EP – Reka & /Beyond/

‘Astalar’ is the new EP of the Spanish label Urban Legend records, created by REKA and /Beyond/. Four powerful tracks express the unique energy of the two artists in this avant-garde release. It is a tribute to our planet’s stunning beauty and attention call for human beings to acknowledge that we owe everything to Nature, even our very existence. Delivered through first-rate electronic sounds, it is a painful realisation that we risk losing everything. The versatile outcome of this collaboration represents the fusion of the broad musical influences of the two artists. Finally, the magnificent artwork of Astalar represents the dual side of nature, with its unique fluorescent effect at night.

Today we premiere the track ‘Mil Espinas‘, which is a slow electro introduction to the EP, inspired by the wildflower teasel (Astalar in ancient Spanish); a sonic representation of its beauty and harshness, like life itself. Mesmerising synthesisers accompany Reka’s imposing voice, narrating an emotive poem speaking straight to the heart.

Reka and /Beyond/ created ‘Astalar’, somewhere in the magical countryside of Tarragona, Spain, surrounded by a cheeky cat, two super cute dogs and a wonderful human being. Teresa Espadafor is not only the author of the beautiful images that became central to the record’s concept. She has also been an essential element for its realisation, with her valuable contribution and exceptional energy.

Release date: 22nd March, 2022


A1- We owe you all
A2- Cynara
B1- Mil espinas
B2- Acid Dusk


Barcelona, 2022

Analogue Photography: Teresa Espadafor

Layout: Miguel Sueiro

Mastering: Alain Paul

Vinyl cutting at CUTCUTCUT Studio

Available via Bandcamp: