Premiere: Granite Mask – Toscano Club (Urban Legend Records)

We have recently featured material from the Barcelona-based label Urban Legend records and today we are visiting their catalogue again. A new release on the label has called our attention. This time by Granite Mask a producer and DJ based in Los Angeles, California, active since 2012, with releases on Opal Tapes and Nostilevo. 2022 sees new releases on Urban Legend and tracks for various compilations in the style of his live hardware sets, without any process and stripped. Also, he is a new resident of Athen’s Fade Radio, curating a monthly show. Granite Mask lands on Urban Legend Records with their new EP ‘Before the Storm’. The EP created during the heavy and dark days of the COVID -19 pandemic. Making this EP became a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel during these dark times, a survival mechanism, a vehicle for creativity and reconnection with oneself. At the core of this work is the idea of ​​focusing on what we are passionate about and adapting to difficult situations.

Granite Mask

‘Before the Storm’ consists of four very energetic and edgy tracks, with lo-fi and industrial textures, broken beats and provocative synth lines. The result illustrates the contrast between the struggle of external conditions and the inner peace generated by music and artistic expression.

Artwork Before the Storm EP

Today, we premiere the track Toscano Club, steered by a drumming frenzy and unpredictable eerie synth lines blended with a mysterious baseline.


1.Snakerun Seq
2.Toscano Club
3.Learn To Live With It 04:22
4.Before The Storm

Release Date: 09/28/22

Urban Legend Records, Barcelona 2022
Photography: Teresa Espadafor
Artwork design: Cannibalism Studio
Mastering: Alain Paul
Vinyl Cut: Cutcutcut Studios