Track review: LKRTRX 011- Lakker

LKRTRX is a new series of digital EPs from Lakker, out exclusivley on Bandcamp each month, culminating in a vinyl release in 2023 through their own LKRTRX imprint. Drawing from their various influences, with one foot firmly in the dance, expect everything from straight up techno to bleep-inspired drum n’ bass, trance riffs alongside Timbaland-esque beats, colourful hands-in-the-air dance tracks next to head down introspective rhythms, forays into electro, hardcore, grime and more. Their trademark sound design is in full effect but with an expanded palette and new avenues of exploration. This is the sound of Lakker having fun whilst going deep.

From this release, we present the track Boxed in, Boxed Out. An unwavering, unsteady beat emerges through a dire baseline—an excellent, dynamic piece with an unpredictable, noisy escalation.

released November 25, 2022

Written & produced by Ian McDonnell & Dara Smith.
Artwork & design by Dara Smith.



  1. Midnight
  2. Boxed in, Boxed Out
  3. Sliding