Premiere: Irrational Language – Onirico [Structured Records]

It isn’t easy to understand the artist’s work without knowing their own life story. Multidimensional represents a paradigm shift in Irrational Language when it comes to an understanding of artistic creation per se and aspires to be a breath of fresh air in what seems to otherwise be a very obscure and negative time. As its name suggests, Multidimensional goes through various musical styles and is understood as a DJ set where all the songs have been created by himself. The artist plays with a series of rhythms and melodies created in the image of his way of understanding life and music.

In this wide range of musical aspects, each song is also understood from a functional point of view (so to speak), where some have a more therapeutic value, and others provide danceable and quirky rhythms. In short, Multidimensional aims to explore various fragments of the same thing. Of music in this case. It is an album that runs through the different dimensions of sound. Sometimes connect more with our conscious part, others with the unconscious one, but always resonating subtly with our subconscious.

From this release we premiere the track Onirico, a persistent beat with a creepy aura and teasing drums, evolving through an electro freaky dance with underworld vibes.


1. Iluminando Mi Parte
2. Arcadia
3. Biomasa
4. Onirico
5. Perfect Machine Feat. Lucky
6. Ghibli
7. Misa Negra
8. Paraisos Artificiales
9. Space Opera
10. Arte Es Amor
11. Iluminando Mi Parte (Inigo Kennedy Remix)


Written and produced by Arturo Fernandez at Ummagumma, Malaga, Spain

Mix at Verbo Studios, La Carolina, Spain

Mastered at KTC Studios, Cordoba, Spain
Artwork by Luisa Tovar

Press release by Juan Mora

Executive Production by Maria Cuevas, Mario Garcia & Pau Singla

releases December 15, 2022

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