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T.O.P. Podcast series: Helena Markos (UK)

This week we present a podcast tailored by Helena Markos, the lady behind T.O.P. Passionate, vibrant and atmospheric sounds where the words are converted into soundscapes. This is a vinyl only … Continue reading

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T.O.P. Interview: B/B/S

B/B/S: If music was a statically developing scene full of experimental patterns leading us to a neverending explorational state of mind, without any limits. The B/B/S experience happens when the … Continue reading

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T.O.P. Podcast series: Fonemi (Blackwater, IT)

Fonemi has totally enchanted us with his last Cosmopolis EP released on  Blackwater. Ritualistic hymns to our collective inner subconscious like a Jungian archetype with an hypnotising vibe. A utopic COSMO-polis … Continue reading

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T.O.P. records: Ebi-Zen (Space Teddy,DE)

One of our favourite musicians is Susumu Yokota aka Ebi and today we recommend his album “Zen”. A blending of ambient and acid aesthetics and rhythms turning into a masterpiece … Continue reading

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T.O.P. Interview: Marguerite Records+ Podcast Alter D (IT)

Tales of Psychofonia travels to Italy and brings fresh Mediterranean air. We indulged into the magic of the beautifully dark world of Marguerite records, a very upcoming and promising label … Continue reading

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Carlos Casas-Pyramid Skulls (teaser)

A selection of our T.O.P. favourite videos Watch Smell Taste Reproduce

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T.O.P. Podcast series: D’Jones (GR)

Today’s guest is D’ Jones, a Greek, London-based, dj and producer. Throughout the years he managed to expand his taste and he got influenced by the best names in the … Continue reading

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