Samuel van Dijk. The man with the 3 faces

VC-118A International Airlines  Artwork - photos by Samuel Van Dijk.
International Airlines
Artwork – photos by Samuel Van Dijk.

vc a

I  do not like to use the world artist in a frivolous way but in this case I cannot find any other word that can fit better.

Samuel Van Dijk is an electronic producer from Netherlands with releases in labels we love such as Field Records, Lunar Disko and Peace Communications.

Every single track is a ritual made by certain electro elements, dreamy pads, analog baseline. A combination of feelings created by drum machines and melodies giving us high quality music. Mind and body synchronised to a perfect slow dance like in a tribal ceremony. This is the sound. The best recipe made by Mohlao, as I first knew him.

Multicast Dynamics is a project,  it goes further with the album Scape on a casette format released on the ambient label  Kaukana Väijyy Ambient.

The third face is coming as VC-118A with albums like a piece of art such as the International Airlines LP on Lunar Disko.

On this album all the tracks manage to transport you to different dimension, floating round space like time was not exist.

Deploy a1

Thrusters a2

International Airlines b1

Vaporise c1

Cylinder c2 

Mapolar d1

Antenna Forest d2

These are the steps to a deep space journey with the mind mesmerised.

Listen carefully and pray to the sound.

Clean sound, clean soul.

Amazing mixes always can be found  on his page on soundcloud. Mixes leading you to a state of  inner peace

I felt that many times.

Thank you Samuel.

Vilma for T.O.P.


*** Thank you Samuel for the support___ T.O.P. on Samuel´s site***

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