Tape Hiss. Proper deep waves coming from Hungary.


tape hiss

Tape Hiss does not seem one more deep house label.

It comes to bring to our record boxes a fresh air, quite promising for the dance floor.

As I was losing myself listening to the last and second Tape Hiss record by Jaffa Surfa there was no doubt that this label had to be my next T.O.P. homenage.

Tape Hiss represents  a mix of serious bassline, melancolic waves like from the past and repetitive beats.

All combined with an amazing atmosphere.

The artists behind the label keep a low underground profile and with  steps seem very carefully made.

We have already the two releases

The Astrac EP is the first release of the label for this year is coming like a concept between  deep house vibes and raw cuts/Astrac, funky percursions with folkloric almost  paganistic hint/ Part  and the absolute sensual deep bass combined with enigmatic mystical vocals in an absolute Meditation state/ Meditation by Ztrl.
The Psy Lance EP is the second release. Psy Lance is 100% club sound,  brings directly to the floor,
Baaz is the perfect warm up for proper house nights and finally the Preacha Bonus track with its  dreamy space pad and the gospel speech  gives us this quality result, managed by Jaffa Surfa.
Élvez_________________and good night from T.O.P.


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