Opal Tapes, night tales


I could spend nights talking, or better still listening or moving rhythmically my head with Opal Tapes’ music.

Opal Tapes is more like a project. Dark and beautiful and the same time obscure sounding, mysteriously analogue with asymmetrical beats and bass.

Tonight’s tale is coming from the mind of Patricia with LP  Body Issues, released on the label (2013).

Techno in its dreamy essence, moving like air with smooth abstract noir melodies.

This album is like a poetry of music, tunes like stories of an unfinished book by an artist who promises so much.

Perfect analogue sound mixed up with nostalgic feelings of a revived Detroit.

All coming harmonically together in a gorgeous combination, presented on this great album on a fantastic label. A label we love and appreciate.

One more precious record added in my selection.

You can listen and buy here : http://opaltapes.bandcamp.com/album/patricia-body-issues

Good night with dreams like Opal Tapes.

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