T.O.P. Podcast series: Proto Sites [podcast & interview]

Tonight’s podcast is coming to accompany the already  few months old vinyl release on Proto Sites.

The 12” Red A Sites with Lobster Theremin’s, Imre Kiss and Exitab’s Casi Cada Minuto aka Slavo Herman giving us  the definition of the contemorary avant garde techno, abstract and raw electronica leading us to an hypnotic dreamy state without almost any effort. We luckily found Proto Sites and made first contact with them just before their debut  vinyl release in December 2014.

We were attracted by their tape releases and we immediately thought ” this must released on vinyl” Indeed, one month later the 12”  record was reality and  Juraj from the label was more than happy to make this  set for T.O.P. After listening this  podcast and the  A Sites’s tracks we certainly know that waiting two months for this post was absolutely  worth it.

One of the most harmonic, exquisite and modern sounds represented by a very promising label with very carefull steps and collaborations and stylish artworks. Proto Sites is a classy underground label with more upcoming tales as they have  just announced their  forthcoming 12″  by  S Olbricht whose tune is  included in the podcast for T.O.P.

Along with the Special set we are happy to share Proto Sites interview .They talk about their analogue music background, in a romantic way, about the warmth of the sound on tapes and how this is perceived by them. They share some amazing records with us and they describe the vinyl as “real historical documentation“. We loved that, but we better let them speak about themselves.

1.Who are you?    

We are Proto Sites, a newly launched record label dedicated to electrified sounds and electronic music in wide sense of the term. Be it hyper resolution techno deconstructions, dubby modular based psychedelia or soft noisy electro-acoustics we like to see how these  worlds reacts to each other, if they do we keep them together. We are trying to create a focused catalogue which could hopefully age into one long playlist of things.

2. Well, let us know your tale. How did Proto Sites come into being? 

Proto Sites grew from a few impulses but mainly because of huge amounts of great music recently coming from central to eastern Europe and further. There are some interesting, ever evolving small scenes which kind of know about each other but don’t really communicate that much even though they have a lot in common. Hopefully we can add to changing this.

3. How would you describe in one phrase the music on your label?

“Doing the garden, digging the weeds, who could ask for more? Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m sixty-four?”

4. Tell us some of your influences

I guess it is the usual story: music, the labels I love, people around me… But sometimes the greatest influence could be being locked away from all the influences at least for few days.

5.Why tapes?

Looking on it from the perspective of sound and production the tapes are a very practical medium for some of the tunes which fit the gritty, analog warmth of the medium. Its got a great anti-industry history background to it and if you know which releases would fit and if you have the right equipment for dubbing and listening then the final output can be often more pleasant and characterful than high quality digital formats. Its an artefact too, its nice to have something to touch, to return to, to not to lose in the endless flow of digital libraries or streaming accounts. There is definitely more than just some nostalgic notion behind this, although I have to admit that this element also plays a certain role as you would expect from generation growing up with their own DIY cassette radio shows. Also I like the idea of the medium dissolving, getting old and worn out which kind of goes for vinyl as well. It somehow feels more alive.  We have recently released our debut vinyl release from Imre Kiss and Casi Cada Minuto. Our next EP from Budapest based S Olbricht its gonna be on vinyl too so its more about vinyls currently and hopefully it’ll stay that way. Though there will be some tapes again in the future as well.

6. Psychofonia is a neurophysiologic music therapy in migraine. What records would you choose to apply this method as to treat the mind?

In order of apparence:

Recent Evol’s live show

Ancient Methods- Seventh Seal

Death Grips – Exmilitary

Keiji Haino, Stephen O’Malley,

Oren Ambrachi – Live Greg Fox and

ZS live NHK Koyxen – Dance Classics vol. 1. – 3.

7. How is your relationship with the vinyl?

A very warm one. In this time of ever decreasing attention spans its better than ever to get some vinyl out – to listen to it as its originally intended, from the start to the finish. To dedicate your whole headspace to it. I love vinyl as a physical object; real historical documentation, and of course there are other more pragmatic aspects to it. I can’t think about releasing music purely as digital. In the digital world there are many reasons for vinyl to thrive like this, though someone should better invest into the new pressing plant gear asap otherwise the line for new pressing enquiries is gonna be longer than the Berghain queue on a Friday night.

8. How would you describe T.O.P. in one word?


Thank you Proto Sites, we will be looking for more Proto tales by you!

More about Exitab, Proto Sites on: https://protosites.bandcamp.com/ exitab.org http://exitab.tumblr.com/praxis facebook.com/exitab

Buy on:http://kristinarecords.com/shop/proto-sites/a-sites/

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