T.O.P. Podcast series: Sasha Prana (Russia)

The story of this girl started early 00’s when she bought the first vinyl record “Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier.” One year later when she collected some vinyl records she made a decision to bought a couple of technics 1210 – and everything started by this… After that she decided to go deep into the world of electronic music.

Her dj sets is like a journey into bizarre personal space. It’s usually long and include all genres of electronic music – from ambient, abstract, noise, dusty dub to sexy acid and early sound of detroit techno. There’s no restrictions ! One rule is “no rules”. The most important things about music are strong, hard, raw, ideological. As a musician she makes all kinds of techno music using a lot of analogue hardware and synthesizers.

Sasha Prana makes a T.O.P. podcast for us and brings us a magical set of harmonious flow and incredible acid atmoshere. A journey progressively getting higher. A marriage of classy techno and sexy acid as a journey that reflects Sashas’s unique collection, her influences and her absolute love to the analog sound. This Russian lady knows how to keep us  warm in the cold winter nights, with her dj sets. She rocks!

Thank you Sasha!

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