T.O.P. Podcast Series: Dj Nouhei (JP)

This weekend we carry on with house vibes. This time the sound travels from Tokyo. We had the happy coincidence to listen Dj Nouhei at Oath bar in Tokyo. Somewhere away from the craziness of Shibuya is hidden an intimate musical paradise. A great bar with a kind of barroquish- dark aesthetic and the right sound. We have listened to Dj Nouhei spinning some dynamic house records preparing us for the night. A resident of Oath alongside DJ Shibata, these guys make a great team and they properly rock it. Nouhei made this podcast for us giving us an idea of his extensive selection. The podcast is vinyl only with some really elegant, classy soulful house tunes, only for listeners with exquisite taste and special nights.

From Tokyo with love___


1. Unknown – Sad Edit 01
2. Glenn Underground – Deep With In
4. Claudio Coccoluto – Uno Nuovo
5. Fuminori Kagajo – Frontier
6. The Ub’s – Stone Rhtyhm (Tee’s Loft In Space mix)
7. Phil Weeks feat. Ladybird – Natural High (Og mix)
8. Dubbyman – The Unexpected (Spacey dub)
9. Love Over Money – Keep On (restless soul vocal mix)
10. Carlos Gibbs & Mike Acetate feat. Roy Davis Jr – Jus Move
12. HNNY – No Picture credits: Monika Mogi

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