T.O.P. Interview: Courtesy (DK)


Photo by: Charlene Winfred / Flemming Bo Jensen

Just one year after her participation in Red Bull Music Academy that took place in Tokyo last year,  Courtesy is appearing among the big guns of one of the most powerful line ups in the world of  contemporary electronic music.

She is performing tomorrow at Sonar Festival in Barcelona. Today, Courtesy  is sharing with us her dj story, her influences and her feelings for tomorrow’s showcase.

Her dynamic profile, her vinyl only sets and her passion is reflected in the sound she choose to spin.  Her  plans with her music family Apeiron in Denmark , which sound really enchanting and needless to say,  these guys rock it at one of the best venues in the city of Copenhagen.

Courtesy has her record bag ready and we are pretty sure  that she will make a spellbinding mix, her usual way.

From jacking dance floor stompers to speaker freaking raw electronics with heavy Detroit techno influences. A worthy representative of advanced electronic music.

  1. Why Courtesy? Could you tell us few things about the birth of this alter ego? 

To be honest, it is not that much of a story: Before I got accepted into Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo last year, I mostly DJ’ed with my girls Emma Blake, Simone Øster and Sara Svanholm, in our techno group Apeiron Crew. But the academy opened up for me playing more as a solo artist, and I had to find some name to put on that. Look up the term ‘Courtesy music’ – I just thought that was kind of funny.

  1. In few days we will see you djing at Sonar Festival in Barcelona. How does it feel performing in  such  an important festival?

I’m playing daytime Thursday, and I have been having a hard time figuring out how hard I can play. So I basically have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow, I just packed a big bag of vinyl. But to answer your question: It is amazing, obviously! And slightly intimidating.

  1. Some of your main influences?

First of all my girls in Apeiron Crew, and Daniel Bruhn who I do the website Dunkel Radio with. They constantly show me tons of amazing music and they are all fucking good djs.

  1. What’s about the techno scene in Denmark? Do you have any residency there?

Yeah I have a monthly night at this great bar/club called Bakken in the meat district. The party is called Kammerat, which means friend in Danish, and that is what it is all about. Inviting my friends from Copenhagen and all over the world to come and play with me. In terms of Apeiron Crew, we are residents at Copenhagen’s big techno club Culture Box, which is a sweet place too.

  1. What was your most unforgettable set until now and why?

Just played a big first of May street party in Berlin with the Apeiron Crew girls, we always have a lot of fun so most of those gigs go in to the unforgettable category.

  1. What are you up  to next?

We have an event next week the 24 of June in Copenhagen with Dunkel Radio (Daniel Bruhn and Emma Blake). We are starting a techno label called Buldermørk, and our first signing is this genius band called Mana Pool, which has the Aphex detail for the obscure and beautiful. We are going to record the concert in a gorgeous venue called Dome Of Visions and put it out on vinyl.

  1. Favourite record of today?

Probably something from the Blade Runner soundtrack. Been obsessing about that since I saw the movie in the cinema a few weeks back, first time since I was a kid.

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