Resurfaced tales from the Disco alchemist Patrick Cowley

Famed for some of the greatest disco anthems of the genres golden age working with non other than Sylvester remixes for Donna Summers Patrick Cowley left quite an impression on the scene before his untimely death in the 80s.

School Daze really shows the depths of experimentation and that Cowley as a man dedicated to his machines who learnt more than how to churn out a floor stomping tune!

Eery landscapes are evoked from his equipment and layered subtly together to form  cinematic visions. “Seven Sacred Pods” and “Primordial Landscape” could easily fit effortlessly into the Forbidden Planet or even Blade Runner sound track.

Psychedelic vibes have also been conjured out of his studio which seem to fit well with the hippy surroundings of San Francisco where he studied music. “He’s Like You” and the title track “School Daze’ are more upbeat but still manage to find time to wander into some jazzy leftfield improvisation.

There are some slow bass heavy experiments that can be found on the album as well.  “Tides of Man” and  “Night Crawler” sound like the bottom end is being pumped out from another world and also sounds like he has made some kind of synthesized inter-planetary beat-boxing on the track “Pagan Ryhthems” which will give your subs a good workout!

The release School Daze is a collection of unreleased experimental work. A few cuts have been used by few experimental film and documentary makers but most of which didn’t see the light of day for over 30 years!

Released in 2013 on Dark Entries, its well worth looking up if you want a late night leftfield tale!

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