T.O.P. Reviews: //Forthcoming//EOMAC – Reconnect [ETXLP001]


Eomac is coming back with a brand new album. Ian Mc Donnell appears to be  an endless source of creativity and inspiration. This time he releases on his own label Eotrax the album Reconnect. Each track is  a statement against the fast impersonal rhythms we pray for and  against the consumerism which governs us. Each track is a spiritual  exorcism of the subordination of our own intuition to the materialistic world we live in.  It is a desperate  cry for help, a prayer for  our salvation. The regression to our roots and the cathartic  ecstasy, deriving from this voodoo-like dance, will bring us closer to our lost human senses and insight. The sound is deep and  primitive flowing from  our collective subconscious, embraced by heavy beats, dressed up with animistic melodies. Eomac’s forthcoming release is the internal scream of our  nature:  RECONNECT with our own real self.

Release date: April 27th, 2018

The album contains the below tracks:

A1 Lower Your Gaze
A2 Ready To Die
A3 Language Has Failed Us
A4 Fall, Rise
A5 Other People’s Fears
A6 Resist All Dogma

B1 Cry Of The Planet
B2 Denounce Everything
B3 Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness
B4 Being, Not Object
B5 Earth And Sky









T.O.P. Interview:Antonio Marini aka Healing Force Project

Healing Force Project is the dynamic alias of Antonio Marini, an Italian dexterous producer with astounding releases on labels such as Bedouin, Berceuse Heroique, Wicked Bass, On Board Music,Acido, Sequencias, Eerie, Eclipse Musica and Firecracker. His refined, well-made sound and his jazzy and  experimentalist finesse gives us first-rate tunes. A serious, knowledgeable and low-profile musician whose attitude is admiring.  We are very pleased to include this interview on our Tales of Psychofonia.

T.O.P.: What is your Healing Force and who is Antonio Marini?

AM: Antonio Marini is a guy with  passion for music and and he is been playing records for about twenty years now and this is my personal “Healing Force”. But, of course it’s too  simple just to say this. So, yes I am  a simple person who lives in an Italian small town in the province of Veneto. In fact it’s difficult to share certain things in certain areas. There aren’t not many clubs and most of them have a business philosophy. The moniker “Healing Force Project” was born from my personal listening and from a personal inspiration till today. I’ve changed a lot of monikers in the past, but it was mainly everything set up on djing art, this last name it completes me.


T.O.P.: Your last EP Visual Alterity an ambient gem with jazzy attitude had a major impact on us since the very first listening. Are there any specific influences which led to this very deep and sophisticated sound?


AM: “Visual Alterity” released on On Board Music (label based in Barcellona),was conceived as a kind of variety of sounds. You can listen to  ambient soundscapes with jazzy attitude as first thing, but you can also find  lots of references about I.D.M.  (especially in the 90’s ), or  dancefloor structure in “Alternative Currents”, to finish off with a  more percussive part with African matrices in “Abduction”. I’m very happy about the way it was produced, thanks to the contribution of Laura Le Marchand (label’s owner), of course. There was a good feeling in building everything in perfect harmony.
Some of my  influences  were : – Psychick warriors ov Gaia, The I.D.M period (90/95), Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient of course), Break Beat and a little bit of drum’n bass rhythms (L.T.J. Bukem) and also Omar S.’s music. I have also been “influenced” by many rhythmical sounds and all this for the last twenty years of my life. Trip-Hop Period (Always in the 90’s, of course) has been a big influence,  with labels like such as Ninja Tune, Cup Of Tea, Dorado, Warp. Jazz and jazz-rock period have been big influence ,too. Artists like : Harbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Lonnie Liston Smith, Dave Holland and others…Clearly, I can’t compare myself to these sacred “monsters”  I am only  talking about simple sound contaminations.
T.O.P.:What gear do you usually use for your music production? Any particular piece of equipment you are obsessed with and why?
AM: One thing that can not miss is computer, which I need to manage external devices. Obviously, I have got a small external expanders,for example, the pads. I’m not obsessed, but pleasantly inside certain structures and I’m always glad to share what I do with others, especially in the digital platforms. My favourite synthesizers that I’ve used until now are the “Little Phatty”  MiniMoog and the Korg Ms 10.
Healing Force Project@Spazio Aereo

T.O.P.:Any forthcoming plans/ collaborations/ events?

AM: At the moment I haven’t any  plans or future projects. But, for me it’s not a problem because I can manage my things better and I can do my tracks  absolutely calm. So,there will be something coming up, but it’s too early to talk about it right now( I am a little bit superstitious too…:/)

T.O.P.: Since you have started your journey into the music production, have there been any significant changes or realisations?


AM: I’ve started around fifteen years ago at the home of a musician. It was difficult not knowing how to play ( I hadn’t studied music) and so it was difficult to have the first ideas to do something. First,  I’ve learned how to edit and the sampling art and then I’ve have started searching my personal style in order to  create projects and sounds. Step by step, I’ve refined my technique and still today I try to improve myself. It’s always a “battle”. Sometimes I “win” , sometimes I “lose”, but it’s always a personal challenge to create a track from nothing.
T.O.P.: Which tune  would you suggest as a mind healer ?
AM: There are too many tunes that can be  a mind healer. One that  I’ve in mind is: Miles Davis “Agharta”.

T.O.P. Reviews: Luna verde / القمر ا خضر by Wara´ (ES)

Wará is the moniker of Fran Mora from Barcelona. Through this project the listener experiences Mora’s internal wandering and his encounter with his own Arabic routes.  A multicultural reflection of Arabic sounds and aesthetics with a strong dark attitude. This album is like a statement. A proof that when the music comes out of personal journeys, spiritual and mental growth is pure quality. It has a definite impact on the listener and it does not leave you indifferent. All the tunes sound like a prayer echoing across the streets of the  ¨state¨ of Raval, one of the most eccentric, multicultural, colourful and underground neighbourhood in Barcelona, full of Arabic markets and barber shops where life is happening and different smells and stories influence the artist.  For those who lived in the city it is  well obvious how  this is reflected on Luna Verde.

A complete piece of heavy industrial and dark raw electronica released on Fran Mora’s record label Urban Legend.

The EP contains the below tracks:

A1- Dahi Bhalle / داي باجي

A2 – Albahr al’ahmar / البحر ا حمر

B1 – Najam aishamal / نجم الشمال

B2 – Umar shirazee / عمر شيرازي


Support the artist and buy the record:


T.O.P. Interview: MEAT Recordings (AT)


T.O.P. has always been supported people with strong attitude around music and life. When these two things are combined miracles can happen. For that reason, T.O.P. travels to Austria to meet Matt Mor, Gerald VDH and Specific Objects, the guys behind Meat Recordings. Passionate about techno and  dedicated to their MEAT Market parties in the city of Vienna, they dare the next step by creating their own record label. Their bizarre, raw and provoking aesthetics and non conventional attitude are ready to shake both dancefloors and our minds. They talked to us about their releases, the scene and the strong political and social meaning behind anything they do.



T.O.P. Guys who are you and why MEAT?

MEAT: MEAT Recordings is the next step n the history of MEAT MARKET, which is a gay, queer and mixed party taking place in Vienna. We decided to call theh label MEAT recordings instead of MEAT MARKET  Recordings, because it sounds and looks much better. If you ever come to one of our gigs in Vienna,you will learn WHY our parties are called MEAT MARKET. It has to do with the raw lust and sexuality we promote during our events.

T.O.P.: Is there any common idea behind your releases?

MEAT: Even though our artists all sound very different, I think our music has a lot in common. We want to release music that can be played in clubs. Our focus in on the dancefloors of the world. Also we will stick to techno for the foreseable future of our label. We all love house music and we know amazing house producers that we would like to support. But, should we decide to release house, we will find a new name for that project.

T.O.P. We love your aesthetics as they are depicted through your videoclips (for example CAKE) and the artworks of them. Is there any specific/critique behind them?

MEAT: We believe techno, music,arts etc are by nature political. So yes, there is a lot of message in our visual work. We promote a life without fascism,racism, sexism and homophobia. We believe in personal freedom and are pro-sex. I think these things are also reflected on all of our work.

T.O.P. Are you planning any events for the close future?

MEAT: We have lots of parties coming up in Vienna. Some of our artists are also touring a lot. Just follow us on facebook, and we will keep you posted.

T.O.P.: How would you describe the techno scene nowadays?

MEAT: The world techno is so big these days. There are so many techno artists but very few share the same ideas that we have. We think that we need to accept that using the world “techno””is a bit like using the world “music”. For us techno is something completely different than to many other people. And that is ok. From our perspective, techno is a very non-commercial and underground thing that takes place in dark and dirty clubs, with hardcore ravers, that know the music very well an live for this kind of music and culture. We don’t judge people who have a different approach towards techno, but we don’t feel we want to work with them either. Or speak to them.Or like what they do.

T.O.P.: Is there any record you would suggest as mind healer?

MEAT: We subscribe to the idea that any old Surgeon or Luke Slater record can save souls

More on MEAT Recordings:







SKALAR: An urban oasis @ Kraftwerk, Berlin

“SKALAR” is a large-scale art installation by Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray that explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception. Following a highly-successful collaboration between WHITEvoid, Kraftwerk, and CTM in 2016 with “Deep Web,” CTM 2018 Festival is pleased to host this next artistic venture within its titular Turmoil edition.” (http://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2018/specials/skalar/)

An explosive combination of moving patterns and lights with an explorative, intense emotional sound waves.

Kratfwerk’ s imposing industrial architecture embraces this work and emphasizes the potential of this moving piece of art. The installation is consisted of powerful lights, cold and warm and round suspended mirrors. An optic-acoustic game of illusions and sensations. The whole experience suggests the difference of perspectives in everyday life, the alteration between light and darkness and the uniqueness of each viewpoint.

Skalar is like a moving sky full of magnetising  stars and mirrors, a powerful artificial space, an oasis in our urban fast-forward environments. If you are in Berlin  on any of these dates  27.1 – 25.2.2018 do not miss it. Just lie in the dark and enjoy the experience enhanced by the extremely dynamic sound of our favourite Kangding Ray ( Stroboscopic Artefacts, Raster Noton).

#Berlin #skylark #installation #kraftwerk #kangdingray #christopher

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Runs: 27.1 – 25.2.2018

Installation Times: Mon–Thurs 15–21h, Fri–Sat 13–23h, Sun 13–21h

Live Performances: 4.2. @ 18h & 20h30, 24.2. @ 20h & 22h30, 25.2. @ 18h & 20h30

Tickets: 12/9 € (installation), 25€ (live performance)

Venue: Kraftwerk Berlin

T.O.P. Interview: Abyss X (Halcyon Veil, Danse Noire)



She first enchanted us with her Mouthed EP on Halcyon Veil, released in 2016. Now the Greek dark artist/performer comes back  with a forthcoming emotive album on the Swiss Danse Noire. A lyrical journey full of emotions and abyssal, chaotic  waves. Her Lyrical Waxing is something like a manifestation of archetypes and deep rooted human expressions. An exploration of the  psyche. This is an interview with Abyss X for Tales of Psychofonia.

T.O.P. : Why Abyss?

Abyss X: Abyss is like a vacuum and a doorway at the same time. I believe there’s also a lack of Abyss as a Goddess in ancient Greek mythology, a fact that proves its fierce nature.

T.O.P.: How would you describe your journey into the music?

Abyss X: It feels like an accidental encounter.

 T.O.P.: What are these elements that most influence your work? Is there anything particular that fires your creativity and imagination?

Cyclothymia, intense emotional states, beauty and nature.

T.O.P.: Who is your favourite artist for this period?

Abyss X: My favourite artists have been the same ever since I remember exploring the vast sea of music. I would say Velvet Acid Christ really expanded my sonic perception ever since I was in my early teens.

T.O.P.: What’s the story behind the “Lyrical Waxing album and the Danse Noire collaboration?

Abyss X: The label initially reached out to inquire for a remix for one of their artists’ forthcoming release. As I don’t really do remixes, they suggested we collaborated on a release. I so happened to have the material so we initiated the process right away.

T.O.P.: Do you have any plans for the near future?

Abyss X: I’d like to bring back my performance, theatre and dance work so I will try to focus a bit more on developping projects of this nature.

T.O.P.: Which record/tune would you recommend as a tale of psychofonia, a tale to heal the mind?

Abyss X: I think my EP ‘Mouthed’ is very much about that.

photography: Kostis Fokas and NSFW 

More on Abyss X: