Tales of Psychofonia presents: Integration EP – Helena Markos Inc. LAIR remix

‘Integration’ is name of the first EP by Helena Markos, the woman behind the online electronic music platform and record label Tales of Psychofonia. The EP is the outcome of a long process that began at the onset of the 2020 pandemic. It is a four-track EP, including a masterpiece by the Irish artist LAIR.

‘The EP reflects the integration process of painful parts of the self, the shadows. Its creation became a mental sanctuary and an arena for experimentation and exploration in difficult times when words were not there. After completing it, I got in touch with LAIR, whose work I admire. Her response was a soul-tingling remix of the track ‘Angels’. Helena Markos

Release date: 2/12/22


1. Integration

2. Angels

3. Endlessly Submissive

4. Angels – LAIR remix

Pre-order: https://talesopsychofonialabel.bandcamp.com/…/integrati…


Remix: LAIR @lauralairmusic

Mastering: Joe Farr @user_experience_joefarr

Artwork design: Michal @wiryfingers