T.O.P. Reviews: Gohan- Mount Athos EP-(Peur Bleue)

Listening to Mount Athos EP yesterday at Idle Hands record store in Bristol it was a jolly moment. Tales of Psychofonia has another sweet encounter with Peur Bleue record label (see interview). Gohan, London based artist,  orchestrates a magnificent pompous EP with four retro-like trance-inducing techno tunes stroked by  ambient tides. Old-school synths like rain drops blended with gentle baselines. Hazy beats and cinematographic bells drawing an unforgettable lyrical path with unknown destination. Music difficult to label and that is the beauty of this album. T.O.P. pick for connoisseurs, only.

The album has been released on Peur Bleue in September,2017.

The stops of the journey are:

A1 – CrackOpolis
A2 – Mount Athos
B1 – Danse Toujours
B2 – Promenade avec L (feat. Spleenboy)

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