T.O.P. special: Sven Grünberg

Today’s post is dedicated to the psychedelic synths and meditative melodies created by the progressive, ambient, new age, musician Sven Grünberg. His music is made for elevating states leading the listener to a transcending consciousness. Sven Grünberg is also the  chairman of the Board of the Estonian Institute of Buddhism and he is undoubtedly, one of the few of his kind.

dead mountaineers hotel
Poster of the movie:Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel, 1979

Sven Grünberg (born November 24, 1956) is most known for his meditative organ and electronic works involving the concepts of Tibetan Buddhism. His music has also dressed most of the films of director Olav Neuland. In the 1970s he was the leader of the progressive rock band Mess.

Tales of Psychofonia has picked up a selection of his most powerful pieces. We suggest the album ‘Hingus’ released in 1981, on the label Мелодия. Crying synths and aerial patterns like in a romantic sci-fi tale. A record to listen on your headphones sitting properly removing any distractions, focusing on the experience of the vibrations and frequencies in the body.


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