Premiere: Ober Dada & Lera Foer – Psy (SOIL)

She is back again…!
Our beloved compilation is back for Christmas. Soil records has curated this fantastic edition, ‘Tears for Fears Vol. 3’, which includes first-rate, avant-garde tracks by 22 artists, most of them making their debut in the Soil Records family.
An exquisite selection of EBM, electro and industrial music released on a double cassette compilation in a butterfly case, dressed with an artwork of great aesthetics, made by Greta Haga.

Today’s premiere is the track ‘Psy’ included in the VA created by the artists Ober Dada & Lera Foer. A driving electro ‘bomb’, with dynamic sonic explosions along the way. A trip directed by a steady kick, pumped by Robot-like voices, echoing from a broken world, where machines take over and there is only one option; to obey.

releases December 25, 2020


A1. Le Chocolat Noir – Sacred
A2. Fragedis – Barren Line
A3. ADAN & ILSE – Trance Is Gay (LIEBKNECHT Remix )

A4. Adrian Marth – Evolution

B1. Crossover Network – Uncomfortably Numb

B2. Anatolian Weapons – Lockdown IV
B3. Radikal Kuss – Data Suicide
B4. SMFORMA – New Birth

B5. Chino – Kan
C1. Westlake & Hayter – Franky goes to Hollywood
C2. Violet Poison – You Ruined Her But now I Ruin You

C3. Helena Markos – M o u n i
C4. Implantable Technology – Glitch In Time Space
C5. Moken – Alive
C6. Ludgate Squatter – Stop Calling

D1. Lex-Or – Caída al Abismo
D2. Vulkanski – Blind Regulation
D3. Lady Maru feat Ambra C. Michelangeli – Unforseen Plans

D4. Ober Dada & Lera Foer – Psy
D5. Twin Towers – Giselle
D6. Void Cells – Outward Quant Terrarium
D7. Sons Of Traders – Chicago Trial (MTJR Screwed)