Premiere: Petros Spatharos – Facing Fears (FERMA)

Today’s premiere is the track ‘Facing Fears’ by Petros Spatharos, included in the third release of the Athenian label FERMA, featuring a highly eclectic mix of sounds, from local and international heroes.

‘Facing Fears’ is a slow EBM trip, arrogantly evolving alongside a suspiciously seductive baseline. The track is like an atmospheric limbo, led by a persevering kick that embraces the worn out mind. A sonic maze of fears and faded dreams. A walk on a forbidden path that takes you to a torturing place; a doubtful end of an untold story.

Release Date: December 25th, 2020


1. Fredrik Carlsson – Windows

2. Petros Spatharos – Facing Fears

3. Morken – Effective Techniques

4. Reaktiv – Tachypalmia

5. Rlct – Jawbone

6. Romphea – Blurry Windshield

7. Waste – A006890

Mastered by Georgios Anyfantis
Artwork by Dimitris Evagelou