Premiere: HELENA MARKOS – Feeding the beast with fear (DVNTT)

Today we present the upcoming DVNTT v/a. The Bulgarian label curates a unique compilation that consists of 13 tracks. An eclectic selection of ebm, techno, d &b and experimental sounds. We premiere the track ‘Feeding the Beast with Fear’ by Helena Markos. The track ‘Feeding the Beast with Fear’ was born out of a poem, written by the artist herself during the first lockdown. Back then due to the denial of the situation and the perceived surrealism of it, the world felt like collapsing and people becoming more individualistic, cruel and divided.

The track reflects a moment, when I felt that the world is turning into a beast, fed by the constant fear.


5P4C3] – Don’t Let Nothing Get You Down
Nika Avaliani – Fake Doll
THE DEVIANTT – Second Dimension
Cyclic/Random – Enter the Circle
Üphorik – Marauder
Stanislav Lavskyy – Strange Things
Ogend – Hengshi
Jerx & Royal Godwin – The Voice of the Sound
Helena Markos – Feeding the Beast with Fear
Void Cells – Rhek
Øne19 – Heavenly Beings
PvrvllelSelf – Waterflow
Reign. & Our Oak – Down with the Sun