T.O.P. Reviews: Silently Hopelessly-Restive Plaggona (Thrènes)

Today’s words are dedicated to Restive Plaggona and his LP Silently Hopelessly released in December 2017, on  the  Swiss label Thrènes,  including an exclusive remix by Ancestral Voices.

A complete robust project which will shake your existence, it will vibrate every single cell of your body and it will create the right frequencies for an inner journey with an unpredictable destination. Melodramatic soundscapes with imposing  baselines, dropping like a mental earthquake.

A soundtrack of a movie  where you are the protagonist but you do not realise it. Mindful dark techno accompanied by melancholic  rhythms, gradually building up a magical path full of  aerial and vague pads. A modern psalm made of solid bass and distorted drums.

This LP is a cathartic dance of spiritualistic techno that will carry us  to unexplored lands and forgotten territories. A compelling tale that will commove both your mind and soul in the most surprising way. A prayer for our lost dreams and a wish for our desirable awakening. A 100% tale of psychofonia.

“Hunted by Those Nights”, nights with strangers who ended up lovers. Nights when we fall apart and then we dance together. When the dreams are fading and the words colliding. Hunted by those….

The stops of the journey are:



 Intimacy Is Violence


Rote Zora



Hunted By Those Nights



Take It Or Leave



Cut Off From Modern Society



Lovely Vale Of Tears



Always Guilty



Sudden Burst Of Safety



And We Were In Bed Together



Alone To Faith And To Death



Alone To Faith And To Death Remix – Ancestral Voices


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