T.O.P. Podcast series: Al Blayney (Appian sounds, IE) + Interview

Tonight we give you a good insight into the Appian sounds world. Al Blayney, member of the Appian family talks about his ethics of the label and shows us some delightful soothing sounds from his record box.

He has a great ear for quality and doesn’t believe in excessive hype, he advises us to follow our own ears and aesthetical taste and in doing so himself for Appian has come across some great collaborations and nurtured sounds both for the mind and the dance floor!

1.Appian is growing up and takes its own path.. how do you feel about it?

I feel relaxed. It will continue organically with no rush whatsoever. Its an outlet for us to release music we love – timeless music with depth and feeling and emotion.

2. If you go back to the first days of the label what do you think was the most fundamental think for the solid base of it?

It really stemmed out of wanting to help release small independent producers who might not have had a platform to showcase their considerable skills. The base plan was to follow our own path dictated by our own taste.

3. Your music family is really big and consists of some artists we really appreciate. One of them is XDB, how it feels working with him?

Yes the family is growing nicely 🙂 Kosta is a true gentleman. A quietly spoken, music encyclopaedia who digs deep. He is also a PHENOMENAL DJ who is finally getting the credit he deserves. He was one of the first people we wanted to have on the Appian Sounds and hopefully we will work together again.

4. We like your image. Not many words, simple aesthetics, just focused on quality. Do you think is easy to distinguish quality nowadays in the electronic music scene?

I really don’t feel you need to add too much waffle and words to promoting good music – it speaks for itself a thousand times with each listen. Appian’s aesthetic is down to Philip Mitton who is in charge of all the design and artwork for the label. Appian releases are a mixture of music and uniquely designed artwork. I think if you know what to look for in the right places there is lots of quality to be found – That is what is digging is all about – follow your own ears not other peoples.

5. What are you up to next?

Awaiting one last track for Appian009, another Various Artists release and then for APPIAN010 we divert back to a full Artist EP.

6. What record would be for you the ideal tale of psychofonia ( a method to treat migraine with music)?
The KLF – Chill Out

picture: Monika Mogi

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