T.O.P Interview: Cio D’Or (Semantica)

Tales is proud to hostess a lady who’s writing history with her hypnotic sound. Her last album on SemanticaAll In All” is an amazing expression of her music history and her multifaceted personality.

Words that instantly spring to mind are dreamy, spacey, creative, innovative, dark with bright highlights at the same time. Her collaborations with Donato Dozzy gave birth to some proper diamonds like the Donato Dozzy & Cio D’Οr ‎– Menta on Time to Express  and many gems on our favourite Prologue.
A unique combination under her special artistic perception where the classical music becomes part of an evolving contemporary sound. An album seen as an inspiring meditation for our modern world and its contradictions. Carrying her minimalistic attitude she is going further experimenting with her sound. As a proper music witch manages to hypnotise us flirting with her machines.
Cio D΄Or plays and creates for both solitary dark music lovers and dancers at some of the greatest events and venues of the world. She is a poet narrating space and ambient stories, experimenting in the most elegant way. Cio D΄Or definitely knows the way to massage our mind. Straight after her new release with the second part of her album All In All , “yocta to yotta” on SEMANTICA 73B we are delighted to share this exclusive interview with the queen of hypnotic techno!
TOP :  We have been always intrigued about how is Cio D΄Or outside her music Temple,how is her life today?
C: Sleeping – dreaming – nature – architecture – photography as a hobby for my music-covers – sports – documentations – cine film and secrets ,)

TOP: What was that record or collaboration that has been the biggest challenge for you?
C: Each piece of music is as if it were the first one

TOP : Describe the feeling of producing music with a phrase or word

C: Never-ending

TOP: Is there any specific person, thing or situation that influences/ inspires your music more than anything?

C: “The Now”

TOP: What is your favourite type of crowd?

C: Open minded with open ears and character, all ages and nationalities, brave dancers

TOP: If your favourite peak time live set was a movie which one would it be?

C: “All Is Lost” with Robert Redford, Director: J.C.Chandor

TOP: What’s the colour of techno for Cio D΄Or?

C: Black and white with glow, a bit of orange

TOP: What piece(s) of hardware/software do you favor when experimenting with sounds?
C: Field recordings and “Reason – tricks”

TOP:  Psychofonia is a method to treat migraine with music, which record would you choose to heal the mind?

C: Bach Sicilienne from Concerto in D Minor, BWV 596 after Vivaldi, played by Arcadi Volodos

TOP: Tell us few things about your other alter egos, as we know you are a talented person with your talents expanding into different fields…

C: My talents lie rather between the words, creating is a strong impulse in my life – and always starts as an idea for a project. Music is the strongest means for me to transfer emotions, but also movements, photographs, texts or other forms of expression can be interesting for a venture. Everything originates in my life from the silence and sometimes I love a whole day to be quiet without words.

TOP: Is there any unforgettable story during your performances you would like to share with us?

C: There are so many unforgettable stories which I would divide with pleasure, but a whole book would be maybe enough. Absolutely I will never forget the joy of my friend, artist and organizer Dave Twomey as he jumped on the dreamlike island Okinawa in the sea and swam laughing. He organized a tour with Mike Parker and me in Japan. Later he got to know that he has cancer : / He was the most courageous and wisest young person whom I have ever met. Dave Twomey died of the illness – he will always remain in my heart! I was excited, impressed and was grateful that studied musicians played in my 1st composed music theatre “Distanz” live on her their instruments (piano, viola and contrabass). Also the cooperation with director Thierry Bruehl was an interesting and new approach in music. With thanks to Hüseyin Evirgen (Cassegrain) who established the contact!

TOP:  What is minimal for you and how is this evolving during the years?
C: I use so many tones as urgently and so little as possible, because I love “transparency” in a mix. But nearly every single sound is worked on by me usually for days.
How much sounds I need is always due what I would like to “say”.

TOP: Do you consider contemporary electronic music keeps high a social meaning?

C: Generally, music has a great social significance. I think that music can sensitise the perception and the people in the best case attentively to deal with each other. In addition, I find it extremely important that music will be further developed without losing the origins of the ears. It is ultimately irrelevant whether it is instrumental or electronic music. Music is always a means of transport by emotions! Music artists should be promoted more by general policy to develop further. Music is a gift of peace for this unique planet.

Dankeschön, thank you, merci and arigatou!

T.O.P. : Thank you for this heartfelt sharing we read with goosebumps.A genuine artist who always keep her values within the Art and love!

Picture credits: Cio D´Or