T.O.P. Podcast series: Andre Holthausen (DE)

Andre is visiting Tales of Psychofonia and he says hi with a great mix a journey to space house/ambient/acid sound. He is coming from Münster and he knows very well how to create the perfect ambience. In October we can enjoy his gig at  fyal Cafe in Münster. Fellow of  Noorden and LL.M.  crew  currently working with the Deep City label.
Exclusively for T.O.P. Andre and his beautiful records. One more star in our family is added. Keep dancing!


1.Newworldaquarium-Shine Eyed
2.Even Tuell-Untitled B1
3.Jazzmoon-Woolly Thoughts
6.Space Afrika-Untitled
7.Romansoff-Infinite Dreams
8.Steven Tang-Mystic Ritual
9.D5-Floatation Tank
10.Asok-Final Battle
11.STL-Dub’s End
12.Aroy Dee-City Of Others


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