genseiichi (BirdFriend, An Epic) & his abstract tales from Kyoto ( JP)

Our first touch with  genseiichi was on the shelves of Meditations record store in Kyoto.. His tape Existence on Birdfriend,  a label from Osaka, was playing on the speakers.  Deep abstract, experimental techno from Kyoto and that sound was  pleasantly tickling our ears. That tape was meant to be one of  our souvenirs from that beautiful musical shrine.

Apart from from his work on his music and tapes he is co owner together with Durusin of the An Epic label. He recently moved to Berlin, cause it’s ….fun and we shared with you his interview for Tales of Psychofonia. Enjoy it with his..japanese way 🙂

1. Who is geinseiichi?

i’m music producer,mastering engineer,PA and sound design for theatre(dance.playing and movie)

2. How would you describe your music in few words

I’m careful with sound itself most.and the sound give me a imagination.those sounds occur at the same time and disappear and it becomes small and grow big and thinks that it is in music.

3. Why Berlin and not Tokyo? What are the big differences for you while making music between Japan and European countries?

Its just fun.and i’d like to feel another culture.
and I don’t know still.because I moved to berlin recently.and i had some I couldn’t have a activity of music.

4. What about your label an epic? tell us few things about the history of it?

I started the label with Durusin.I met with him at live of my favorite artist is same with him.its experimental techno.(modern love,basic channel,etc) there are not like the label in we got to start.

5. Where can we listen to your music? any forthcoming events?

sorry.i don’t have a plan still.I’d like to gig as soon as possible.i should make some friends who is musician or organizer at berlin.

6. we have a special love for your tapes for birdfriend, tell us few things about the label and the collaboration with it?

Birdfriend’s owner is my friend.we met maybe 7 years ago. he asked me,do you release from my label? and i said YES.

7. What would it be the ideal record/tape for you to treat the mind?

You speak what i feel”Single Collection” remixed by SND a.k.a SND and Terre Theamlitz.

8. Would you name some favourite artists of yours?

Terre Theamlitz,Mouse on Mars,Emily King

9. what is the best thing to do when you are not producing?

Sports(soccer,basket ball,skate bording)novel,movie and playing with my friends.

See here in Japanese:

1 – ミュージシャン、マスタリングエンジニア、PA、ダンスや演劇の音響、映画音楽を作っています。
2 – 音そのものを一番大事にしています。その音の持つ特性や感じた事を軸に、作曲しています。
3 - 一番おもしろそうな所に身を置いてみたかった事が一番の理由です。話ではベルリンはすごく魅力的だと耳にします。それを確かめたかった。あとは、日本とは違う文化を身をもって体感したかった。
4 – an epicについてですが、大阪のnu thingsと言うライブハウスで共同運営しているDurusinと出会いました。一緒に始めたきっかけは、音楽の趣味が合ったからです。また、自分たちの好きな音楽をリリースしているレーベルが日本になかった事。そして、日本にも素晴らしいアンダーグラウンドな好きなミュージシャンがいるので、それを世界に発信出来ればいいなと言うのが理由です。
5 – まだ、ライブの予定はありません。今日やっと機材が全て届きました。あとは、足りないものを買い足すのと、オーガナイザーや音楽関係の友人を作らなければいけません。
6 – birdfriendのオーナーとは7年前程にライブハウスで出会いました。それから何年もたって、彼がレーベルを始めました。そして、リリースのオファーを頂きました。
7 – You speak what i feel”Single Collection” remixed by SND a.k.a SND and Terre Theamlitz.
8 – Terre Theamlitz,Mouse on Mars,Emily King
9 – スポーツ(サッカー、バスケ、スケートボード)小説、映画、友達と遊ぶ事。


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