T.O.P. Podcast series: NOMOONTHERE aka Pavel Borisov (RU)

Tales of Psychofonia presents a new family member, NOMOONTHERE aka Pavel Borisov from Russia!
Inspiring territories where music becomes the vehicle that is elevating us to creative states of mind.
Deep ambience with evolving beats embracing with crying melodies and nostalgic vocals making us feel in love. A constant dialog between atmospheric synths and romantic raw pads. A wonderful combination of rythm, dancefloor sensations and deep travelling vibes. When modern beats meet retro words and together rock the mind! A great mix made by NOMOONTHERE for Tales of Psychofonia offering to our fantasy deep faded landscapes. For mind, soul and body dancing. An emotive mix made with love by this music magician and…
“I can’t stop this feeling”!

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