T.O.P. Podcast series: Merve Bozdag (TR)


Today we are going to Istanbul. Merve Bozdag is our today´s guest and her beautiful selection of oriental vibes and music for a contemporary fairy tales. Her mix for Tales of Psychofonia is like a vehicle to another ages. A journey between past and future between West and East. A magical evolving trip leading to an endless daydreaming.

Born in Istanbul, she found herself playing as a DJ due to her passion for music. It is this passion that has made her wake up eager to discover new tracks and sounds, everyday ,since her childhood. Merve’s music is intense, colorful and fluid. Always influenced by the feelings of her journey, it is not surprising that her music is full of great vibes as well as a deep feeling of melancholia. She believes it is important to tell a different story every time she plays. She has played at several places, such as Indigo, Kiki, Kloster, Minipax Festival and Chill-Out Festival to name but a few. Her strong mind leads her to create a music beyond its time. She is presenting a unique sound in experimental and electronic music.

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