Tales of Art: Marc Gasso

Today We TALES. Marc Gasso from Barcelona is our new guest. Our introduction, his pictures. Unique, elegantly underground and full of life.

T.O.P. Hi, who is Marc Gasso?

M.G. A boy from Barcelona born in 1972, wandering around Europe with his girlfriend Janina, his dog Tara, his caravan and plenty of cameras.


T.O.P. We feel like there is not even a photo that looks like a previous one or that is similar to something we have already seen although there is always magic as common link between them. How do you manage this?

M.G. I m always trying to follow a line and a style. I am trying to explain the things we experience and live without changing a their nature. I am trying to establish a complexity between what I dream and what the people finally see in the picture. Janina is a real machine, it is always a lot easier with her.

T.O.P. Are you constantly travelling? How is life for a nomadic artist like you are?

M.G. To tell the truth… a fucking disaster!!! Not all that glitters is gold…Many times we have to work on stuff that we do not really like and the money we earn is shit. Although, when we manage to go out of the tunnel with our pockets full it is then when we totally enjoy everything from the beginning! It is not easy when you are kind of disaster in your life… but earn a living doing what you really love it is a real motivation!


T.O.P. Is there any specific message you try to transmit through your photos?

M.G. No, It is just a way to express myself


T.O.P. We can tell that you have your own personal Muse. Would you like to share with us how this works for you?

 M.G. Easy! She is the sweetest freak that I have ever met, she is my best friend. She is as she is and I am totally enchanted by her. The pictures are made on their own. I owe her a (good) life.


T.O.P. We live in the era of digital media and we are daily bombarded by thousands of pictures. Is this a big challenge for your own work?

 M.G. I think that in my photos it is quite obvious that I follow my own style.  I am creating my own movie, me the director, Janina the script writer. I think digital evolution has had a positive effect to the art of photography. Its fucking cool, it is like going to look for mushrooms…if you know how to search and where you can find extremely talented people doing what they really want setting their own rules.

T.O.P. If your photography was music what tune would that be?

M.G. Any song by Nina Simone

T.O.P. Where are you now, and what are your plans, if any…

M.G. Currently, we live in Menorca, a precious island in the Balearic sea, to the north of Mallorca. It is a little island with turquoise water, a bit of wind and full of pirates with peg legs and a breath with smell of rum. We do not really know what will do later, it depends on the wind and how it blows…

T.O.P. Thank you Marc for these lovely words and photos you have shared with us.

Check out for more:  http://margruesa.com/marc-gasso-portfolio/



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