T.O.P Podcast series: Helena Markos (UK)

This week we present a podcast tailored by Helena Markos, the lady behind T.O.P. Passionate, vibrant and atmospheric sounds where the words are converted into soundscapes. This is a vinyl only set made with love and it is dedicated to all people who have been actively supporting Tales of Psychofonia during all these years.

Special thanks to Thrènes record label, Velona Records, MK and Phil.


Namaz Sureleri- Diyanet Isleri Baskanligi
Midori Takada- Trompe-l’oeil- We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
Pan Daijing- A Loving Tongue -PAN
AshTreJinkins- What Voice -Apron Records
Fonemi- Tra Le Rovine- Blackwater
Ourea- Dysomnia-Horo
αίών- Intrication-Quanta
Developer- Aspect – Olympian
VSK- Echinopsis- Dyad
Marco Zenker- Night Vision- Ilian Tape
Rotkeller- 17 October- Thrènes
Goblin- Witch- AMS/Cinevox