Discos Paradiso: A vinyl Paradise in Barcelona


It is been a long time since I wanted to write a post about one of my TOP favourite record stores. What can one say about this legendary record store? A place of people rubbing together, producing endless waves.

At Discos Paradiso you will find the crème de la crème of all  genres. Artists from all over the world have visited this avant-garde record store, in Barrio Gotico. Somewhere between Raval and Plaza Catalunya, right in the heart of the beautiful city. Friendly atmosphere, filled with good vibes, and you never know how your day will end up by visiting this place. One thing is for sure; you will definitely pick at least one mind-melting record.

Whilst I am writing these words, I bring to mind those days, when I lived in Spain and I started visiting Discos Paradiso on a weekly basis. I spent endless hours in there, friendly staff and always happy to help, and even to offer some beers… And that is all you needed to feel like home, feel like being in Paradise!

At that fantastic place, I met some of the best DJs and artists in the city. A territory for music freaks. A place where you can get musically educated. Discos Paradisos it is far more than a record store, it is about promoting new ways of existing. It is a lifestyle.

This is what makes Discos Paradiso one of the top record stores in Barcelona and one of the best ones in the world.

As electronica is our soft spot, at Discos Paradiso you will find an exquisite collection of all sub genres; from Acid Techno to Detroit, Industrial, Deep House, Dub Techno, Bass, Noise and Experimental. Needless to say, you will also find a great selection of Disco, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Indie, Rock, Folk, Synth-Pop. Remember to dig deeper and check all the offers and second hand boxes, as the hidden gems are waiting for you.

Photo taken by Vilma,2014

Live gigs and events are also taking place at this space; some of them had marked my taste and certainly opened my musical horizons.

Miss you guys. Warm and musical greetings from Bristol!

Location Ferlandina 39, Barcelona
Discogs Page

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