T.O.P. Reviews: Phaedra- Tangerine Dream (Virgin records)

This is the  first album released worldwide by Virgin Records, Phaedra by Tangerine Dream. Released on February of 1974 it was meant to be a timeless album.

The title originates from the Greek myth of Phaedra, the daughter of Minos and Ariadne’s sister married to Theseus. She committed suicide after her Hippolytus stepson refused her advances.


A dreamy harmonic composition of conventional instruments like guitar, bass, organ and flute and  synthesisers Mellotron, big Moog and electric piano. Phaedra upon its release  skyrocketed to the  number 15 of the British Top 20 and it remained on the chart for 15 weeks.


Cinematographic soundscapes serving as mental spacecraft, tele-transporting us to unknown unexplored parts of our selves. Progressive, lyrical and psychedelic but above all experimental, considering the decade it was produced. Clustered as  electronic  but approaching the quality of  classical music.

A modern requiem for Phaedra, the embodiment of advanced electronic music which will everlastingly be impressing us. Every time you listen to this album you will be discovering something new. A tiny detail, an extra feature on the narration.

A storytelling immaculately orchestrated, reflecting the chaos, passion, emotions, frustration, revenge and guilt of the main characters of the myth. There is an absolutely incredible blend of sounds which hypnotise the listener from the first minute.

Listening to Phaedra on a good sound system can be an intensely reviving experience. T.O.P. suggests this  masterpiece as mind-healer.  A true Tale of Psychofonia  far ahead of its time.