T.O.P. Reviews: Prayers by the Lake- Seraphim Rytm (upcoming label: Mirae Arts)



Prayers by the Lake could be a chant sung by the modern man. A prayer to the nature, slowly evolving to a desperate call to our collective consciousness. Monklike voices emerging from the depths of the earth, smoothly accompanied by hazy ambient pads. A call for reconnection with the environment and the others around us. Prayers for the abandoned existence and for the lost moments. Repetitive beats, slowly guiding us to an uplifting misty state, ending to our encounter with a purifying aura.

Mirae Arts is an independent label focused on DIY culture and natural production styles. 
Rested in the suburban bowels of El Cerrito, California, the label is heavily influenced by its surrounding natural habitats. Mirae Arts strives to be genre-less and work with artists around the world. 
This summer, Mirae Arts will debut with three 12″ records. Seraphim Rytm with the mystical Prayers By The Lake EP, Michiru Aoyama’s album Brilliant Days, a beautiful ambient album shrouded in glitchy youth parade. Lastly, Katsunori Sawa will be returning under his EOC guise. 

The stops of the journey are: 

1. Prayers by the Lake I
2. Prayers by the Lake II
3. Prayers by the Lake II
4. Prayers by the Lake IV

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