T.O.P. Reviews: Arweenn- Overrum (Diffuse Reality)

diffuse realityDiffuse Reality, Barcelona based record label, launches its third release with a wild, pounding techno EP by Arweenn, featuring powerful remixes by Stanislav Tolkachev, Endlec, Squaric and Anetha. Dirty driving techno for robust dance-floor fighters. Distorted “threatening” machines, melting your brain without mercy. Warehouse ceremonies with a subtle melancholy, refreshing you before the thunder.

Overrum is a metamorphic ritual, a promise for a haunting night. Put your rave boots on and stamp your feet as hard as you can, for as long as you can. 

The stops of the journey are:

A side >>

A1 – Arweenn – Overrum
A2 – Arweenn – Overrum (Stanislav Tolkachev remix)

B side >>

B1 – Arweenn – Overrum (Endlec remix)
B2 – Arweenn – Overrum (Squaric remix)
B3 – Arweenn – Overrum (Anetha remix)

released June 10, 2018
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