T.O.P. Reviews: Body Sedation- Kwartz (HORO)


Horo‘s outstanding release “Body Sedation” provides an excellent sample of Kwartz‘s (PoleGroup) inspired music. Six tracks setting up the ideal atmosphere for the liberation of our mind. Numb-like beats, fuelling drums and paganish pads, as the perfect initiation for a salvage night. Subtle twisted noises, increasing the adrenaline, tickling the sensations. Body Sedation is a prelude to a quest for our deepest fears. A question-mark over our vanity.


The stops of the journey are: 

  1. Over A Sign Recognition
  2. Body Sedation
  3. Frame Dislocation 
  4. Beyond Belief 
  5. Recoil 
  6. Altered Consciousness 

Date of release: 22nd of June 2018 

You can buy on: https://horo.bandcamp.com/album/body-sedation