T.O.P. Reviews: Flaminia- Illusion in Fire (Metempsychosis Records)

flaminiaDemons, prayers personal battles and dancing fears amongst heavy beats, sensual vocals and snares like whips. Noir and dark techno attitude by Flaminia, London-based artist, on her own Metempsychosis records. A complete, emotive EP, enriched with two robust remixes, by Ancestral Voices and Headless Horseman. Broken primal melodies, picturing a futuristic utopia where everybody is connecting through curing voices and sounds. Illusion in Fire, is an introduction to your personal healing process. A disrupted nightmare and a picture from the past. Erinyes that will be following you till the dawn…


The stops of the journey are: 

  1. Flaminia-Fear of Fire
  2. Flaminia, Headless Horseman- Fear of Fire (Headless Horseman remix)
  3. Flaminia- The Illusion of Matter
  4. Flaminia, Ancestral Voices- The Illusion of Matter (Ancestral Voices remix) 

released June 15, 2018

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