#REDSERIES# Tale II:Rotkeller

Nature is us, us as pure sentient beings. We are bleeding thus nature is bleeding, too. Blood is life and life is blood. The RED SERIES are tales of music extracted from our collective unconscious, from our earthly hypostasis. Music as the Angel watcher of the Earth. #REDSERIES 

Hailing from Switzerland, Rotkeller (Federico Sutera and Laurent Schmidhäusler), are offering an intensely enthralling mix for our RED SERIES. Counting several releases on label’s such as Luana, Everest records and Thrènes, where they released their latest stunning EP – Atheos. Their music is always well adapted to the contemporary waves of electronic music although Rotkeller have always been a bit ahead of their times trying to bring music one step forward with their daring experimentations and quality live sets.

This is the second tale of our red series. A slow lumbering beast, emerging from the mist, with groaning beats and a vibrant sonic palette. A mental wandering, an amalgamation of the most intensely felt sounds of the modern electronic music scene.

Polygon – Nachrichten [Aliens Production]
Rotkeller – Night Visit [Unreleased]
Rotkeller – Gelef [Everest Records/ Luana Records]
JK Flesh – Trinity [Electric Deluxe]
Ninos Du Brasil -Algo Ou Alguém Entre As Arvores [Hospital Productions]
SNTS – Blindfolded [Sacred Court]
Positive Centre – Hiding Knives [Our Circula Sound]
Death Kneel – Pearl And Jasper [Total Black]
Eomac – Prayer Pt. 1 [Bedouin Records]
Rotkeller – Godless [Threnes]
Aisha Devi – Dislocation Of The Alpha [Houndstooth]
Swan Meat & Yoshitaka Hikawa ‚ Everywhereigoicarryaknife [Apothecary Compositions]
Mondkopf – Ruins [Perc Trax]
Joint Venture – Das Brummen [Ahuga!]
Rotkeller – SW [Thrènes]
Restive Plaggona – Lovely Vale Of Tears [Thrènes]