T.O.P Reviews: Maenad Veyl- Not What You See, Not What You Feel (VEYL)

0013545974_10A made-to-last record, a tale narrated through a bizarre, yet perfectly balanced combination of UK’s deep breakbeat, industrial influences and 80s inspired electro, all under the delicate touch of Milan-based artist Maenad Veyl, on his own eccentric imprint VEYL. An album reflecting the unique apocalyptic art of its creator. Loyal to the immaculately distorted and groundbreaking electronic sound, Meanad Veyl is one of the very few who is able to genuinely represent the best of each of the above genres.

Blood-curdling broken beats, stirred with disobedient hammer-like drums, creating the ideal landscape for the first step. “It is not what you see, it is not what you feel “, just UN-VEYL your emotions, smash your barriers and let your ears absorb this remedy.  A true diamond, a pure initiation to intelligent music and its finest expression. And yes, this is a punky album, thanks to the riotous, unconventional sound of Thomas Feriero.

The stops of the journey are:

A1 – Disembody
A2 – No Irony
A3 – Coming To Grips
B1 – Conflict Construct
B2 – Vertigo
B3 – Mistake Specialist

released July 2, 2018

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