T.O.P. Reviews: Stave- ATK (UVB-76)



UVB-76 is celebrating its 10th release with a mind-boggling EP by Chicago-based artist Stave.  “ATK” EP is a melodramatic techno-inspired prelude for the deterioration of our concrete lives.

A mental parade towards nowhere; loyal to the now. Lugubrious pads disrupting the up-roaring bass. Music submerging from the deepest levels of our rotten hypostasis. 

Metallic creepy sounds with noise interferences and ponderous industrial components. Weighty baseline invading both mind and body.  A vehicle tortuously taking you to the darkest corners of that dusty room.  Stave manages to create an almost touchable sound picturing empty streets, tubes and mundane sceneries of grey with techno breaks running into your veins as the only elixir. ATK is a leading-edge record showing new paths of creation and experimentation, blending different genres in an almost mystical way. 

The stops of the journey are:

A1 – ATK
A2 – Silva
AA1 – Ambient Out
AA2 – Undead

date of release: July 25,  2018

You can buy on:  https://uvb-76music.bandcamp.com/album/uvb76-010