T.O.P Reviews: Upcoming>Shiken Hanzo-White Gorilla Cult- Hojo Clan


Enigmatic artist Shiken Hanzo, provides us with a first class record to be released on his own supreme label Hojo Clan. An obscure, archetypical and mind-roaring album, accompanied by horrific voices. Relentless bass creating the ideal frame for a tribal gathering. Narrative, soul-altering melodies carrying you deep into the unconscious. Ardent, ritualistic drum & bass fuelled by absent-minded rhythms. Folklore inspired electronica, echoes from the past travelling into the future and time becomes relative again. An ecstatic blend of the agony of different eras. White Gorilla Cult” is a mythical sleepy beast, slowly waking up, a weapon used to exterminate your inner demons. A japanese, retro sci-fi story recited by samurai-like androids. An incomparably pushing-limits record.

The stops of the journey are:

A1. White Gorilla Cult

releases  August 24, 2018

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