T.O.P Podcast series: HUMA (ES)

Huma is Andrés Satué’s personal project, half of the duo Esquelas that released at labels such as Ensmble, Bestiarie and Matapadre. He participated in the Red Bull Academy BassCamp in Madrid in 2015, and also is co-founder of Hedonic Reversal, Versal and Bicefal Festival.

Huma’s intense music is reflected on his releases such  as “Las tres fases del movimiento” EP, released in 2016. Huma has performed at  Sónar, Bicefal and WOS music festivals. His last EP “Yocto / Yotta” on Hedonic Reversal is a great example of his intelligent music.  A two track EP which will be the third release of Hedonic Reversal, and will be edited as a 12″ vinyl special edition limited to only 20 copies. The idea behind it;

Yocto (symbol y) is a prefix of the International System that indicates a factor of 10-24. Yotta (symbol Y) is a prefix of the International System that indicates a factor of 1024 (a quadrillion).


The project in live and studio focuses on converting reflections and ideas into sound in a narrative way, using elements ranging from classical or ambient music to metal or drone, creating an intense and precise symbiosis between them. 

Huma is an example of an artist with ethos and serious perspective with his music and  if you are lucky to experience his live acts, you will no doubt that he very much  deserves being among the creme of the electronic music producers. This is a bold set, deriving from  Andre’s  influences and inspiration. A versatile and sophisticated mix and one of the most eccentrically mysterious podcasts we have presented so far. A weeping soundtrack of an untold tale.


The Moon Piece -Ulver
Parhelion- Shora 
Hashshashin Chant- Demdike Stare 
Atravesando la tierra húmeda- Esquelas
Lux Aeterna- György Ligeti 
Louange a l’Eternite de Jesus- Olivier Messiaen 
Hachioji Silk Blues- Puma 
6.1- Supersilent
Somebody Someone- Korn 

Links: https://hedonicreversal.bandcamp.com/