T.O.P Reviews: Upcoming> Restive Plaggona -Unready to exist (Sacred Court)

When Restive Plaggona and SNTS join forces, this masterpiece comes to life. Imperial, towering sounds land on SNTS’s Sacred Court, orchestrated by Greek, top drawer artist Restive Plaggona. Relentless industrial and drone soundscapes, tormented by medieval-like echoes, carried by robust beats, heavenly caressed by bold bass and ceremonial pads.

This striking EP consists of six jewels. A ceaseless demonic quest for the unrevealed perception and our corrupted nature. “Unready to exist” is a sense-expanding encounter. A sublime gem, miles ahead from its age. Unquestionably, already among the TOP 2018 records.

The stops of the journey are:

Side A
A1 Bad Endings
A2 Lulled Into Lethargy
A3 Toxic Attraction

Side B
B1 Fear And Satisfaction
B2 Join My Torture
B3 Afraid Of Chang

releases August 24,2018