T.O.P Reviews: Jigga-lillllill (Bedouin)

Hailing from Japan, mysterious artist Jigga presents a psychotropic musical experience, released on Bedouin records. “lillllill” is a mantra, deep-rooted in our tribalistic essence. Ancestral voices preceding a primal Gigaku dance. An inner dialogue, disrupted by the contemporary whirl of distorted industrial sounds. Fevered drums, at the same time cathartic, leading to an ecstatic state. A meeting point where the unconscious greets the conscious, where the eastern mind meets the western one. A modern experimental collage of blurry images and torn sounds. A blessed scream and a reflection of our complicated thriving souls. 

The stops of the journey are: 

1. Atyatabhava
2. Anyonyabhava
3. Pradhvamsabhava
4. Nitya
5. Aemaeth
6. Oragabhava
7. Amudami
released June 15, 2018