T.O.P Reviews: Dax J- Redemption (Monnom)

Turbo EP, released on Berlin’s Monnom, by Dax J. Techno bombs, firing explosions and a strict, warehouse atmosphere for an ideal late hours’ rave rite. A fight which becomes a nightmare, a riot for the broken reality. A flashback from a traumatic memory. Passionate beats releasing endless streams of bliss. Creepy old-school synths, seducing pads and salvage baseline, galloping across vulgar snares. “Redemption” is a sacrifice to the Goddess of pleasure. Made of the right dose of hypnotic vibes, mystic ambience and euphoric picks.

The stops of the journey are:

No Redemption

Sin and Salvation

Offending Public Morality (Dax J Dub Mix)


Two Foot Shallow


The Tyranny

Condition The Masses

Russian Blood Lines

Acid Ascention (Dax J Club Mix)

released 27, August 2018