T.O.P Reviews:Karim Maas-Old World Disorder (UVB76)

Karim Maas is Ruffhouse’s Tom Cooper and he fuels both our minds and the dance floor with a precious EP, released for the magic box of UVB-76. A stunning composition of obscure drum & bass, advanced techno, noise and industrial experiments. Five sick cuts picturing some back lanes of a dirty, abandoned city, full of lonely creatures. The EP is enriched by a mental remix by Huren aka Dave Foster, which is shaking us, like an electric shock. A slow but steady takeover of the machines. Dark warehouse vibes  with rough beats that almost speak to you. A broken message from the future. Finally,  an unquestionably good record that makes us craving more music from both the artist and the label.

The stops of the journey are:


Lizzard King

Cassette A (Huren Remix)



released July 27th 2018