T.O.P Interview: Siwei (Siwei recordings)

Words by Helena Markos

Siwei is a young upcoming artist from Belgium, who has reasonably captured our interest with his stunning emotive EPs IFLN I,II,III and I-III. A series of exquisitely conceptual EPs, armed with deep haunting pads, fighting amongst well-defined beats. Siwei’s music is like a misty landscape, flooded by emotions and melancholic flows, like a brusque stream of fervour.

Robin is an artist devoted to splendid techno sounds, with a foreseeable rich future in the electronic music scene. He has also collaborated with the Form and Function label and he now releases on his own Siwei imprint.

We are already craving for his future work and collaborations. Today, Siwei is talking about his work and future plans on Tales of Psychofonia. 

TOP: How would you describe the journey of your music and what makes it special for you? 

Siwei: See, music has been a part of my life since I can remember. The fact that it’s such a familiar and reliable sort of “balance” creator, makes it as natural as breathing. 

TOP: Is there any particular state of mind that leads you to music production and creation?

Siwei: I just like to translate feelings into sounds, it doesn’t matter what those feelings are, if there is a deep feeling, there will be a deep tune following. 

TOP: It is interesting to see that every time more and more artists of the electronic music scene express deepest political meanings and they argue the mainstream status quo. What is your position regarding this?

Siwei: All I want to do, is make music that makes you feel something. 

TOP: I would like to ask you about your robust and emotive techno releases IFLN  on your own imprint. What is the concept behind them? 

Siwei: With IFLN I tried to engage the audience and show a part of me that I can only show by bringing music. I want people to think when they listen. I don’t want them to just listen and forget.

TOP: Any plans/acts for the close future? 

Siwei: SIWEI002 is finished and coming by the beginning of November. I am already working on an album for 2019 and some very exciting collaborations are getting prepared as well.

TOP: How have your influences and home town marked your work, so far? 

Siwei: I have been traveling a lot while making the IFLN EP. So some tunes were made on a train, others on the ground of our airbnb and some with vintage materials I found in vintage music stores while wandering the city.

TOP: Is there any moment, person or place that had played a significant role in who you are today? 

Siwei: There is so many answers to the question, my dad introduced me to music in first place, if not for my girlfriend’s modeling career I wouldn’t have been to all these places that year and if not for all the people that helped and encouraged me, this album wouldn’t have been made.

TOP: Finally, my TOP question; Which album, artist or piece of music would you suggest as a mind/healer? 

Siwei: Become alive – Dave Harrington Group, it’s just really really good