#RED SERIES# Tale IV: Karim Maas (LIVE)

Nature is us, us as pure sentient beings. We are bleeding thus nature is bleeding, too. Blood is life and life is blood. The RED SERIES are tales of music extracted from our collective unconscious, from our earthly hypostasis. Music as the Angel watcher of the Earth.#REDSERIES 

Tales of Psychofonia welcomes to its family Karim Maas with a special live set, full of industrial textures, jaded voices from the abyss and low-fi, noise experimentantions; an ideal frame for dark and dreamy wanderings. Not many words could describe the intensity of his music, especially when the whole thing is experienced live.

From UVB-76 Music’s fractal personnel rises Karim Maas. A familiar face behind a new mask, Maas, one of the sonic panjandrums at the core of the labels sound creates aural experience that bleeds between genre and tone with striking ease.

Explicitly undefinable by genre, Maas employs a recurring sound palette that binds his compositions together as a cohesive body of work which is conducive in series. A founding member of production outfit 4 6 2 5, Maas’ obsession with hardware and outboard production kit is demonstrated by the warmth, body and sheer power of his work.