T.O.P Reviews: Intuition- Various artists (Blind Allies)

A gaze, a wandering, a slow walk towards the end of the tunnel. “Techno interpretations by the label newcomers and the artists you may already recognise.” Blind Allies, Latvia based imprint, is presenting another gem under its eccentric music umbrella. Dark techno with brutal aesthetics and a veil of mystery for the hardest hours of the night. An excellent artwork accompanying the hypnotising rhythms. Architectural techno with strict, broken atmosphere.  Heftily structured beats and an eternal spinning around yourself.

Vinyl only.

released August 26, 2018

The stops of the journey are: 

Karlis Vitols – M-T-2A
Alavux – Klinicki Mrtav
Void Cells – Empty Humans Talk
Lebed – Uranus Flower
Lebed – Vyaz’