T.O.P Reviews: Djedjotronic-R.U.R (BNR)

Fresh Djedjotronic’s R.U.R LP, released on Boys Noize records is a silent fight between machines and bizarre creatures. An album with a punk layout, featuring Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy bold vocals which give the ultimate industrial brush stroke. A sensual collage of VHS aesthetics, 80s electronic games and seductive synthesizers. Creepy, demanding beats picturing a neo-futuristic atmosphere, invaded by soulless androids wandering around, trying to claim their own position in the Cosmos. R.U.R could be a conspiracy, a dystopia outside the stratosphere, outside our minds or even deep inside our inherited audacious groove.


Produced over the past year in a basement studio is South France, Djedjotronic pointedly chose an album format to allow for a true cataloguing of these experiments. The album’s titles and samples (“Avatars Have No Organs” features the voice transhumanist performance artist Stellarc’s prosthetic head) are of futurism, technology fueled isolation, robotics, AI, simulation and cyborgs… themes that captured the prescient imagination of techno and electro’s founders and are even more relevant today. There are lots of nods to the great techno-futurist producers of the distant and recent past, from Cybotron to I.F. to The Hacker to sounds of the legendary Thursdays at Pulp in Paris when Ivan Smagghe helmed the decks. In the album’s most aggressive, dance floor focused moment, Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy lends vocals for an industrial-arpeggiated monster of a track.

The stops of the journey are:

A1: Dr Rossum

A2: H+

A3: Cops

B1: Are Friends Electric feat Lokier

B2: Electric Body

B3: Chasing The Lights

C1: Take Me Down feat Douglas McCarthy

C2: Avatars Have No Organs feat Stelarc’s Prosthetic Head

C3: Cockring Robot

D1: Not A Toy

D2: R.U.R.

released: September, 14th 2018

Buy on:http://smarturl.it/RUR