T.O.P Reviews: 47017- Carrier (47)

Carrier​ is the collaborative project of British born Artists: ​Overlook+ ​Positive Centre. Corrupted beats riding neglected breaks, drawing the picture of the new outstanding release of 47017 by Carrier, released today on Tommy’s Four Seven’s imprint, 47. A chaotic soundscape of pilgrims heading to the highest pick of the night. Dark mind-shaking at its best and a self-sacrifice to the underground world. Relentless noise showered, with truculent baselines. An orgy of  slow drums, whirling on the top of a turbulent sea. Mystic, dirty and liberating, an album that will stick to your mind, heart and feet before you realise it. 47017 is a smack in the face, a loud voice in your ears and a breathtaking flashback.

The stops of the journey are:


released, September 28th