T.O.P Podcast 41- Neozaïre (DE)

For several years now, the Cologne-based producer and DJ Tobias S has been creating atmospherically profound sound worlds under the pseudonym Neozaïre with releases on labels such as Fauxpas Musik or Noorden. “Post Esoteric Ambient” is the self-imposed category the sound artist has chosen for his recordings and live performances.

Today, we are inviting you to listen to Tobias’s podcast, which is a bizarre music journey covering different genres; from ambient explorations to downtempo, melodramatic electronica and indie.Neozaïre provides a quirky, noir soundscape specially made for Tales of Psychofonia. A warm soundtrack to accompany your hygge nights with good friends and a nice glass of wine.


トバイアスフォンディアス – Murasakino [Arubaito]
Seymour Saw – Violet Wave, Greyish Yellow [101.io]
ASC – Voices From Distant Stars [Silent Season]
Zelienople – The Real Devil [Type]
HTRK – Punch [Sleeperhold Publications]
IASI – Sometime [101.io]
Quadrant – Q 1.2 [Basic Channel]
Cluster – Plas [Brain]
Unknown Artist – Aναστενάρια (Vatican Shadow Version) [ΚΕΜΑΛ]
Dolphins Into The Future – Lapse-Dream [Not Not Fun]
For Against – Amen Yves [Independent Project]
Fennesz – Glass Ceiling [Touch]
Stareaway – All Over You [Couldn’t Care More]
The System – Vampirella [Romantic Records]
Mary LA – A Girlfriend [101.io]
Griesenbruch 24 – Aerouant [Südturm]
ELpH vs. Coil – The Halliwell Hammers [Eskaton]
Arthur Russel – “Instrumentals” (1975) Volume 2 [Audika]